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Filinvest - “Homes That Value The Fruits of Your Efforts”

You home is an investment that you intend to have the benefit of for a lifetime. This is the place where you can proudly display the fruits of your labor. A place your family can always turn to for safety, comfort and stability. This is the place you intend your children to begin the journey towards their own dreams. Filinvest is the company who can provide this for you and so much more. The company has rooted itself into a frontrunner in the residential housing development industry within its main focus sector of the affordable to middle-income range homes.

The team at Filinvest is always striving to seek out prime locations best suited for family style living. The developments are most commonly placed along areas with easy access to transportation or the main travel routes, hostpitals, schools and shopping facilities, everything you need close at hand and easily accessible making your life less chaotic than it has to be.

The company has shown growth, diversity and innovation throughout their 40 years accumulated experience in the industry and have progressed from building houses to incorporate high rise condominiums, medium rise developments, office blocks, shopping malls and entertainment and leisure developments.

Whether you are a career-driven professional individual seeking a place of your own within the bustling hive of activity within the city limits or a family man in search of a place to settle down and offer your loved ones the quieter, more quality filled life, Filinvest has what you are looking for and you can rest assured that thought and planning have gone into every development they attach their name to.

The Bechmark in Affordable Housing

Historically the company has always been associated with and focused on the development of residential housing for the affordable and middle-income sectors. The company has provided almost 110 000 families throughout the Philippines with homes and this has set them on the path to becoming one of the largest home providers in the country to date.

Broadening Horizons

 Over the years, Filinvest has broadened its horizons and market focus to include the high end income sectors as well as themed residential developments which incorporate a leisure component. Resorts, farm estates and developments with their roots in sports clubs have become commonplace and highly sought after.

House and Lot

Regardless of whether your dream home is within the confines of a themed community or a master planned estate which incorporates a family friendly environment. Find the perfect location to raise your family, tailor made to cater to your needs and the ever-changing needs of your family.

The Ranch - Modern luxury and home design meets the fresh, lush feel of nature. Clean air and quality surrounding for your family to embrace on a daily basis. Country living at its finest. Convenitent and easy access to amenities and facilities in the city make this the perfect location if you wish to escape the humdrum lifestyle in the city each day but need still need to work there. Located at Timberland Heights, Brgy, Rizal.

Futura Homes San Pedro - Always dreame of a better life for you and your family? This is the opportunity to grab hold of. Value for money is what this development is all about. Located along San Vincente Roas in San Pedro, Laguna. Alabang situated only a short distance away is easily accessible public transportation and the throughfares and public roads. This community is comprised of townhouses built in clusters of four or six units. Amenities and comfort are what family living is all about. At Futura Homes you will have access to so much that encourages quality time and bonding. A multi-activity lawn, clubhouses, play fountain and swimming pools which includes a water play park, basket ball courts and picnic areas are all on the cards for those lucky enough to guarantee a spot in this pristine and luxurious community. The homes are built using a concrete reinforced method you that your home bares the Buhos Tibay seal of quality and your future is set on solid ground.

Sandia Homes - Picturesque views of Mount Makiling and Tagaytay Ridge bring the wonders of nature and creation right to your doorstep. The home your family deserves and dreams about for an affordable price. Sandia Homes is located at Brgy. Cale,Tanauan,Batangas. Make your design selection between the single story Bernice or doube story Danessa and enjoy spacious homes, gated security and affordable luxury living. Your family is guaranteed safety with the inclusion of a perimeter fence and guardhouse that is manned by security 24 hours a day. Amenities and activities are not forgotten here and with so much to do you may never be indoors. Swimming pools for kids and adults, a children’s playground, pocket parks, a picnic area and a clubhouse are all readily available to residents of this beautiful, quaint village nestled between the mountains.

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Mid - Rise Condominium

These oasis communities are perfect for those who love the city. Yes, they still want to experience the greenery of nature but simply cannot drag themselves away from the buzz of city life. Enjoy a luxurious, casual life while still being within close range of your life in the city by day. Amenities abound. Enjoy landscapes that inspire and amaze amidst the setting of the urban jungle.

Maui Oasis - Inspiration drawn from a topical island paradise incorporating large open spaces amnd luxury amenities. Enjoy a vacation every day of the year.The living spaces are luxurious and spacious set amidst surrounding that are lush and natural. Strategic and convenient location along Anonas Street, Sta. Mesa,Manila makes everything your could possibly require easy to reach. Close to hospitals, schools and colleges, perfect for family style living or even a singleton.Leisure is what this development is all about and the resort inspiration allows for outdoor and indoor relaxation. Clubhouses, entertainment rooms, children’s play areas, basketball court and swimming pool all give you that holiday vibe, forging strong bonds and enjoying quality time with family and friends alike. Security is always a huge part of any decision to purchase a property. At Maui Oasis you can be assured that the perimeter wall and 24 hour security on the gated estate will keep your family and possessions safe. Maintenance of the property is left to a professional team who ensures that your investment is always in pristine shape.

One Oasis Ortigas - This development is situated along Ortigas Avenue Extension. The only medium-sized community development of its kind in the area. You can benefit from the amenities provided, low density communities and functional living and relaxation spaces. Homes in this development offer you value for your money, modern homes, safety and security and outdoor and indoor recreational and living spaces that feed every aspect of your soul. The location of the delelopment has been well thought out, giving residents easy access to malls, colleges, schools and medical centers. With a wide variety of option available you are sure to find your perfect living space whether you are a loner or a family man. The amenities on offer are what makes this living community so remarkable. A balancing combination of outdoor and indoor recreational areas give you balance between a life lived indoors and the wonders of fresh air. Enjoy the pool facilities on a hot summer day or cool off in the clubhouse. Your children will have a whale of a time laughing and socialising in the play park. Entertainment rooms and a gym will keep the adults busy. A general amenities area provides on the development shops and commercial businesses that may be required on a daily basis by residents. Relieve your stress to the sounds of the cascading water feature. 

Sorento Oasis - Situated along a high roadway,C. Raymundo. A large, spacious, low-density community that provides you with luxury amenities and living spaces that are perfect for family living. The Italian inspiration for desing is taken from Sorento in Italy.The building design amenities,garden spaces and the general charming atmosphere are reminiscent of that old Italian hospitality and quaint appeal. There are so many reasons to want to call this development your home and the place you return to when it is time to relax and lay your head to rest. The living spaces offer luxurious design within an environment that is fresh, lush and clean. The development is aptly situated in a area that will guarantee a convenient lifestyle. There is no shortage of luxury amenities and your have a wide range of both indoor and outdoor relaxation spots to choose from. The property management team in charge of keeping the development at its peak visually will ensure that your investment never loses value. Safety and security are prime areas of concern for any family. At Sorento Oasis your safety is our first priority. The high perimeter walls, gated entrance and 24 hour security will guarantee you peace of mind. You select which you prefer, studio, one bedroom or two bedroom and you can rest assured that there is no quality or luxury forgotten in any of the options. Spend the warm days splashing about in the children’s or adult swimming pools or simply relax in the lap pool, let your chilren enjoy some free play in the play park while you destress in the meditation pad, take a jog along the trellised pathways or clear your mind to the sounds of the cascading water fountain. The clubhouse is the place to mingle with your family and friends, forge bonds and grow lifelong friendships.

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High-Rise Condominiums

Finding the perfect home is not easy but once you do it is a treasure worth hanging on to.

Fortune Hill - Luxurious homes that cater to your every whim. The homes are  designed with families in mind and allow you to experience quality time shared with those you love. Life is a celebration made up of moments and you should savor each and every one of them. A gorgeous twist between traditional Chinese decor and modern day finshes makes this the place you have to call home. Luxurious residences, quiet surrounding and environment, classic elegant architecture and amenities focused on family.


San-Rafael Estates - A premier development located in Brgy. San Roque, San Rafael, Bulacan. This township development is planned to span a vast area of almost 64 hectares and will incorporate residential, commercial and institutional facets of life. Everything you need for comfort and convenience will be a stone’s throw from your doorstep. The township itself will provide schools for the residents who have children which is a huge factor when selecting a place to call home. Parks and open spaces will allow you to experience life in nature as opposed to city life but still be close enough to the hectic city life to commute daily for work. The township will comprise of various communities each themed and styled with their own sense of charm and elegance. This is the estate that will provide you a quality of life you never knew existed. Swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball courts and parks are all focused on family living and quality of life. Choose this township as your home and you have the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy.

Filinvest has gone to great lengths to cater for the wants, needs and requirements of the Filipino people. Incorporting the importance of family at every possible avenue. Family is held dear in the heart of any Filipino and their values stay true. Whether you are in the affordable or low income bracket or able to afford all the luxuries life has to offer, at Filinvest you will always be assured that your home has been carefully planned, the location hand picked and the design perfected. Luxury and comfortable living are deserverved by all and that is what Filinvest promises. Your home is where you should feel most comfortable, be able to relax, unwind and rejuvenate and still leave you enough time to enjoy the quality of life you deserve, sharing memorable moments with your loved ones.